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        Press Releases

        Frankfurt Airport: No Restrictions on Cargo Infrastructure
        The rapid spread of the coronavirus has far-reaching implications for the global economy.Nevertheless, the transport of goods – especially airfreight – must be ensured.
        No Restrictions on Cargo Infrastructure
        Fiscal Year 2019: Fraport Increases Revenue and Operating Result
        Fraport AG looks back on a positive 2019 fiscal year (ending December 31). Fraport achieved all financial targets for 2019, despite the increasingly difficult market environment towards the end of the year.
        Fiscal Year 2019 - Fraport Increases Revenue and Operating Result
        Fraport Traffic Figures – February 2020: Passenger Decline Continues at Frankfurt Airport
        In February 2020, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) served some 4.4 million passengers – a 4.0 percent decline year-on-year.
        Fraport Traffic Figures
        Fraport Implements Extensive Cost-Reduction Measures in Response to Coronavirus
        The coronavirus outbreak is taking a heavy toll on aviation worldwide.
        Frankfurt Airport
        Fraport Traffic Figures – January 2020: Frankfurt Airport Starts the Year with Passenger Decline
        In January 2020, some 4.6 million passengers travelled through Frankfurt Airport (FRA) – a decline of 0.7 percent compared to the same month last year.
        Global Investments
        Weimar Announces Retirement from the Fraport Supervisory Board
        Karlheinz Weimar, Fraport AG’s chairman of supervisory board, will retire from his position as chairman and board member at the end of the company’s next Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2020.
        Karlheinz Weimar
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